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Training For A Relaxed Dog That's Joy

Philip Klein - Certified Dog Listener

If you want a happy, relaxed dog that lives in harmony with you, you’ve come to the right place. All you
need is to want the best for you and your dog.  And, to be open to learning your dog’s language.  This
was my starting place with my dog Abby. She is the reason I am a Dog Listener.  She is the reason I use the Amichien® Bonding Methodology to help other dog owners transform their dogs.

Utilizing Amichien®  Bonding, my mission is to facilitate more enjoyable relationships between people
and their dogs, and to work for the betterment of mistreated and orphaned dogs. My core values are respect, kindness, integrity, empowerment, accountability, excellence and beneficence.

I truly want to help my clients have joyous relationships with their dogs, and to improve the lives of less fortunate dogs through Amichien® Bonding.


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